There is no more important element to an online business than traffic. It’s the single highest expense you will face, time consuming and expensive. Now, with Data JEO you can cut this time consuming step and instantly find where your customers are, their demographics, what sites they visit, and where you should spend your ad dollars. You will find out exactly what your competition is doing and where and who his customers are. In this Data JEO review, we are going to look at this exciting new platform, which is has two main components:

Traffic and Tracking

In this review, we will discuss how Data JEO will help you find the audience that is looking for your products and services,

Why is this important?

Because any time we’re talking about advertising and running paid traffic we want to be able to define the audience.

Data JEO allows you to start with either a keyword or a domain.

Now with the Data Jeo Review we will look at what it can uncover for you, without days and days of testing and a pile of cash. Put in a keyword or domain and you can find out:

  • What are the referral sites?
  • Links
  • Where they are advertising
  • What social sites the audience is visiting-this is big!!
  • Paid keywords, now you can look what are the most bid-on keywords the the competition is using.
  • Related links, desktop traffic sources, outgoing links, so from these sites, where do they go to? Incoming links, demographics, you can get into country data, so you can then fine tune the country.

Now it gets GOOD!!!

  • You can find brand creatives, you can ACTUALLY go and look at the ad creatives your competition is using to get their traffic.
  • You can look at keywords, and then run a double analysis, like a second level of analysis onto those keywords.
  • You can track your traffic. Where did they go when they left your site? Data Jeo will tell you.
  • What twitter accounts the like.
  • YouTube channels they visit.

Data JEO Pulls Data From Lots of Different Places Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Literally Hundreds of Other Data Suppliers.


Let’s look at who needs Data JEO.

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • E-Commerce – Amazon, TeeSpring, Ebay, Shopify,
  • SEO and Marketing Consultants
  • Offline Business Owners like Restaurants and Real Estate companies.




Data JEO will allow you to ELIMINATE time consuming and expensive testing get the data instantly that would take you forever and cost a bundle using tradition advertising testing like on Facebook.

Data JEO Review Final Conclusion


In conclusion, get ahead of your competition, save endless hours and days of testing, not to mention endless expense of testing and refining. If you are promoting a website, affiliate product, Shopify store, Teespring campaign, no matter what, you need traffic. Data JEO will show you where you customers are, where they go, and how to find them. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a green newbie, you can make up a lot of ground and leave your competition scratching their head, taking their customers at a fraction of the cost in time in money.

Best of all, its all on one platform with Data JEO—no constant going from one platform to the other, you can find traffic and track it all in one platform.

In my opinion, you MUST HAVE Data Jeo if you are going to be doing anything online. Traffic is really the only thing that matters. Being able to find the targeted traffic you need and knowing precisely where to target your advertising efforts is key. Ad costs are only going to skyrocket, you can’t afford to endlessly test just to maybe hope Facebook can optimize your campaign and maybe find traffic for you. Let Data JEO do this instantly for you.

Don’t Hesitate!

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